Aleshia is a character in The Enemy series, only making an appearance in The Dead.

Before the Disease Edit

Not much is known about Aleshia's life before the disease broke out but it is mentioned that she (along with Courtney and Brooke) was on a school trip to Bilbao, Spain when the disease started and she originally came from London.

The Dead Edit

Aleshia was first introduced in The Dead as a black girl who wore a lot of make-up and perfume. She was best friends with Brooke and Courtney. She evacuated the bus when Greg got sick and stayed at the Imperial War Museum until the fire. She (along with Courtney) became separated from Brooke during the Battle of Lambeth Bridge and escapes by a boat, which is later hijacked by Mad Matt who crashes the boat into the bridge, causing Aleshia to drown.