Blue is one of the main characters of The Enemy series. His first appearance was in The Enemy, the first book in the series. Blue used to be the leader of the Morrison crew, but is now joint leader with Maxie of the Holloway crew.

Before the Disease Edit

Blue used to have a big family. His mother was a nurse and he had four siblings: Felix, Akim, Lulu and Sissy. He used to be called nicknames such as Bookface and Fat Boy. This was because he was reading many books and comics and was overweight.

Unlike his brother Akim, Blue had never been in a fight; so when the disease broke loose, he had to learn quickly. He figured out how to survive by watching other kids.

Appearance Edit

Blue is described as a muscular boy with dark skin and close-cropped hair.

Personality Edit

As a leader, Blue is very tough. In The Enemy, Blue told Arran "We ain't a democracy", implying that he is the dictator of the Morrison crew. Blue is tough and shows no weakness, which characters like Ollie and Jackson noticed.

However, when alone with Maxie, he is shown to be funny and really nice, stating that he has to be tough when other kids are around. He desperately wants Maxie. 

Relationships Edit

Maxie: Maxie and Blue's relationship was awkward to start with, and became worse after Arran's death. Maxie was Arran's second in command, so she wanted to be leader, but Blue also wanted the position. For the most part of The Enemy, they disagree and have discussions. However, later in the book when they are locked in the sick-bay, they talk. Blue reveals that he used to be a nerd, and also admits he likes Maxie. Maxie seems open to that.

In The Fallen, Maxie and Blue are close, becoming good friends but also developing romantic feelings. 

Blue kisses Maxie before he leaves to Promithios. While he is gone, both Blue and Maxie think of each other constantly. When Lewis tries to ask out and flirt with Maxie, she states that she is with Blue. Blue and her are officially boyfriend girlfriend status. After he comes back, Maxie doesn't leave his side and they don't like to be far away from each other. They don't want to be apart, something shown in The Hunted when Ed asks Maxie if she wants to come and help him find Ella, but Blue answers that he and Maxie are going to stick to each other and with their people.

Big Mick: Blue and Big Mick have been seen as best friends how joke a lot with each other. When Big Mick dies, Blue gets upset and even cries a tear.

Whitney: Whitney is Blue’s second in command for the Morrisons.

Lewis: Lewis and Blue are good friends. When Lewis and Achilleus rescue Blue and Maxie from the sick-bay, they hug. Blue has shown to trust Lewis, letting Lewis lead the left side of the Holloway group.

Arran: Arran is the leader of Waitrose and Blue of Morrisons, but when both groups go together Arran and Blue seem to get along.

Jester: After Arran's death, Blue and Jester get closer. However, they don’t agree about everything. For example, Jester says they don’t need Maxie as a leader but Blue disagrees. Throughout The Enemy, Jester repeats he thinks Blue should be the leader. He has no idea Jester secretly wants to get back at him for leaving him to the grown-ups when he first appears in The Enemy.

David: When the Holloway crew arrived to Buckingham Palace, Blue was nervous that David was going to take Blue's leadership away from him. Blue is not happy David never wants to talk about who is in charge, so in the sick-bay he tells Maxie and Ollie that they should either leave the palace or fight until they get the top jobs. David, having the nurse Rose to spy on them, later locks Blue and Maxie into the sick-bay. When they come out, the Holloway crew leaves Buckingham Palace.

Quotes Edit

The Enemy: Edit

"We don't need no vote. We ain't no democracy, man. I'm in charge. End of."

“Well, remember. Just because you lie in a palace it don’t make you a real king."

“Well. For one, you ain't gonna be organising me, pal. Right? Ain't nobody gonna be organising me. And that’s a fact. You ain't my king. I never voted for you.”  

"I’ll tell you what it is about," said Blue. "Respect."

"That lot of zombies?” said Blue scornfully, pointing to the grown-ups on the dais. "They’re gonna look great on the stamps."

"General Blue?" he said. "I like the sounds of that."

"Man," said Blue. "I don’t trust no one no more."

"What about the Black Death?" said Blue. "The plague. I think that about half the people in Europe died during that one. We still mad it through, though. We've done it before. We can do it again."

The Fallen: Edit

“So you in charge now, are you, girl?”


“You got yourself a problem here, dude. You are looking at us like we’re the problem. We ain't the problem. The problem is yours.”

(Blue interrupted him with a harsh bark of laughter.) “Yeah, we noticed. Wake up and smell the zombies, bruv. Maybe you thought that was a party last night. Didn't look like no party to me, more like a massacre.”

“Looks more like they was celebrating World Wrestling Federation Day.”

“You’re right, We do think you’re crazy.”

“That’s us, Manpower. Girl power too.”

“Worse luck. You stink badder than a dead grown-up.”

“With what? You want to offer them a piece of you? Oi! Come and get it. Maxie’s got a nice juicy arse on her.”

“Well, you can expect a whole lot more where that came from.”

“You homesick, big man?”

“It always get worse.”

“That is bad news, I wished you hadn't told me that.”

“And I found you need to keep away from cats.”

“I've got time.”

“We kill him. End of.”


“Well there is something up there, and it stinks really bad.”

“Well, this lot have, to get used to it, science-boy. They developed it in the womb.”

“You could be wrong. You’re not the real Einstein after all, are you? Face it. You’re just a kid, mate.”

The Hunted: Edit

“No way. I done my bit out that way and me and Max are sticking together from now on. We need to be here with our people.”