Brooke is a main character in The Fear ,The Dead and the Hunted.

The DeadEdit

Brooke was one of three girls who are aboard Greg's coach. She seemed to get off to a bad start with Jack, mistaking his birthmark as a scar. However when Greg turns, like the rest of the kids, she alongside Jack and his friends fled, without Ed and a unconscious Piers, the latter was left behind by Ed after four other adults gain acess to the coach and he's eaten.

Brooke makes it to the Imperial War Museum and quickly after being introduced, DogNut, a member of the Museum crew, attempts to flirt with her. He is rejected quickly.

Appearance Edit


She had blonde hair in her first known appearance in The Dead but it is revealed her hair was dyed in The Fear and she naturally has brown hair.

In the attack by Green Park she was cut by the Gym Bunnies leader and now wears a scar across her forehead which is covered in swellings and bruises.


Brooke is commonly seen as being self-centered and rude, but she does have a 'softer' side. She knows right from wrong, such as when David King shot one of the kids blocking the road, she told Justin to drive on without David or his group.



Ed and Brooke began their relationship rather romantically interested in each other. The two shared a kiss in the back of the Tesco truck. After returning from his short journey which both Bam and Jack died as well as Ed obtaining his scar, Brooke seemed to be rather scared of his scar. As she told DogNut and Courtney when they reunited in The Fear, she had mixed emotions about him. Although when Brooke and ed are reunited she kisses him and shows him her scar, she tells him what had happened to Dognut and the others. They just stand there in each others arms for a long time.


Courtney, Brooke and Aleshia were all best friends for a long time before the Sickness. The trio had described themselves as Brooke being the bossy dad, Aleshia being the working mom and Courtney, the moody teenager. When they finally reunite again in The Fear, Brooke is overjoyed to be with Courtney again. However as Brooke left the Imperial War Museum with DogNut's group as they head out back to the Tower, Courtney was killed and DogNut. Brooke seemed to have sunk into deep depression which is explained in her thoughts.

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