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Deke was part of the Waitrose group in The Enemy. He appeared in the early chapters of the book along with Arran, Ollie, Archilleus and Freak in their scavenger hunting party.  He often volunteers to joing the scavenging party . His weapon was a sledge hammer.

Deke and Freak were said to know all the back ways, alleys and short cuts.

Deke was Freak's best friend and Freak and they were inseprable.


Deke is described as to be good looking and tall, with locks of curly hair bleached almost white. It was said that he would have been popular with the girls if he hadn't spent all his time with Freak.

He is normally sarcastic and likes to crack jokes even in the worst situations. Deke agrees with everything Freak says.

He also loves destroying things, and just after the disaster, before he understood the dangers, Deke had wandered the streets breaking, burning and smashing everything.

Past LifeEdit

Before the disaster, Deke and Freak used to roam around the streets armed with only spray cans. Their tag, "Freaky-Deaky" could be seen sprayed and stenciled around Tufnell Park and Camden Town.


Deke dove into the swimming pool to save Freak from the grown-ups but a diseased father smashed him into a vending machine floating in the pool just as he reached Freak. Archilleus dragged both of them back onto land but a shard of glass had gone through Deke's lungs. After couphing and spitting blood, he lost conciouss and was dragged into the pool by the remaining adults. It is possible that Deke was dead even before he was dragged away.


"The world is flat," said Freak. "Yes, it is," said Deke. "Penguins can fly," said Freak. "Yes, they can," said Deke. "I am the greatest kid that ever walked the Earth," said Freak. "Yes, you are," said Deke. "Ha, ha. Very funny," said Archilleus. "Akkie is a twat," said Freak. "Yes, he is." said Deke.

"Food, yeah? To eat? You remember food don't you?" -Deke[[Category:Protagonist

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