Personality Edit

Ella is a kind young girl who is fearful of nearly everything. She is afraid of adults and fears having to fight them. Although she is very much afraid of most things, she is also shown to be brave when needed and trusting of others. Despite her initial belief that Malik was an adult, she was brave enough to follow him and trusted him to take care of her.

Background Edit

Ella is the younger sister of Small Sam. Before the outbreak, they lived with their mom and dad. She is often shown missing her family, especially after Sam's kidnapping.

After the Outbreak Edit

After the outbreak, Ella and her brother Sam live in the Waitrose supermarket along with many other children, led by Arran and his second in command, Maxie. Towards the beginning of The Enemy, Sam is kidnapped by adults, leaving his younger sister behind. Ella is visibly distraught.

After Jester proposes to the Holloway kids concerning the prospect of moving to the Buckingham Palace, Ella is among the kids who decide to leave. Throughout the journey, she is shown to share a close bond with other children around her age.

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