An Enemy Fanfiction set in America

Enemy Fanfiction #1

Four kids ran from behind the corner, scared and alone. With no parents around, everything seemed like a big wide open world. America was not a good place to be, but was it the only place infected? It seems like America is stereotpyed with big American men eating cheeseburgers and fries. The children running from a pack of Smellies was Green, Noah, Annie and Julius. All were part of the same class and all were best friends except for Green and Julius, who were just two enemies, but worked together well.

"Julius," Annie panted as they ran, "Are they following us?

"They" as in the Smellies. The group of four don't really know what to call them, but they sure were smelly, so why not call them smelly.

Noah was supposed to be the leader, but what people didn't know is that he was scared. He had a sever case of anixety which he kept to himself. He was very unhealthy aslo, he released vomit much to often leading to weight loss. Noah was also in Boy Scouts, so he knows the most about nature and what it could provide for them.

Annie was a strong girl. She knew a lot of things and was an amazing athlete. She was the decision maker of the group and was the only one told about Noah's issue.

Julius was on vacation when the sickness hit. His family was visiting from Italy to see their grandparents. He met up Noah and Annie and they became friends and only that over a course of a year. They picked up Green along the way, who Julius wasn't very fond of. Julius had a great skill in athletics too.

Green was given the nickname becasue he had a green mohawk running across his head. He wasn't the smartest, but he sure was the best fighter of them all.

"I do not think so, I think we maybe safe," Julius said, slowing down. Julius had a very storng accent, but could still speak English pretty clearly.

Noah was nervous as usual and felt like he needed to throw up, Annie knew of course what was wrong, but didn't help him. She didn't want to help him becasue she knew that she couldn't so anything anyway, he had this sickness for a long time.

Green held his machete close to his chest, panting trying to slow his breathing down. Everyone had a specific weapon that they may have found here or there, Julius being the luckiest with his BB gun. Noah and Annie both used metal bats. They thoguht they were unstoppable.

"It's been a year and we still haven't found anyone else," Noah said, finally catching his breath, "We need to look somewhere that some other kids might be living."

"We might no find anyone, but I am itching for a fight, we should of killed the Smellies back there!" Green sheathed his machete and scratched his mohawk.

"We don't want to risk anything," Julius said.

"Oh shut up Guido! The more Smellies we kill the less we have to worry about!" Green sneered.

"Fine! Get yourself killed jack-ass!"

"Stop it! Both of you" Noah held out his bat between the two boys, "We are a team, can we please just stop fighting, I make the decisions! Green you were all alone 'till we found you! And Julius you had to kill your whole family after the sickness started!"

Both those statements were true. Noah had two siblings, his sister 18 and his borther 15. He watched his brother get torn apart.

Annie was keeping very quiet. She didn't want to get into any of this.

"Let's just move on, shall we?" Green said in a sarcastic tone.

"Fine with me," Annie said.

They traveled the next mile on to find a farm. Annie grew up on a farm before the sickness.

"Maybe the pigs and cows are still alive! Maybe we can eat them!" Green grinned.

"I miss the farm," Annie said in a depressing tone.

"Let's go into the barn, but be ready!" Noah led the group to the red barn that had chipped paint all over it.

"Jules, you go first," Noah said.

Julius stuck his fingers around the door and pulled it open. Inside was just a dead cow.

"Food!" Green jumped up and down and then ran to the cow.

"Something isn't right, Noah" Annie said looking around.

She was right, the feeling in the air was tenuous and eery.

Right at that second, a Smelly had fallen from the ceiling onto Green, knocking him out.

"Green! Annie! Julius! Get ready to fight!"

Julius pulled out his BB gun and shot the Smelly through the eye, which it fell to the ground in a screeching tone. At that point, several Smellies had run from all the darkest places of the barn.

Noah was hitting one Smelly in the head repeadetly, triyng to defend the limp body of Green who was knocked out cold. They were out there best fighter.

Annie and Julius were busy with themselves, fending off the hordes of Smellies that came from every corner. Julius had kept shooting the Smellies, with a surplus of bullets in his pocket. Julius had also stuck a bayonet on the end of his BB gun, just in case the gun had stopped working.

Green had moaned and groaned a bit, but was still out cold. Noah was getting tired and had already vomited twice, but he kept swinging.

A Smelly had come up behind Annie and grabbed its deteriated arms around her. She screamed.