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Frederique (or Frédérique) is a supporting character introduced in the book The Dead.


Little is known about her life, as it was not described as much in the book. Frederique is the 15 year old daughter of Monsieur Morel, the French teacher at Rowhurst. Her mother's name is not stated. Frederique's parents are divorced.

During the time that the infection started, Frederique was staying with her mother at France where she attended a school in Paris. She says that her father walked out on her mother and that her parents argued all the time. When her mother became ill, she was sent to England to live with her father, thinking she would be safer there. Frederique came in the Eurostar and went from London to Rowhurst, stating "it was very difficult".

After arriving in Rowhurst, her father tried to keep her safe by going into hiding. He kept the curtains closed all day to prevent attracting the sickos. A while later, he became sick, and left Frederique. He never returned. Frederique knows that he did not want to hurt her and never sees him again. She is then saved by Jack and Ed.


Frederique was at first a traumatized teenager who seemed to be terrified about the situation going on. As the story progresses, she gets more and more depressed and cries often. She is extremely negative, but this most likely stemmed from the fact that she was infected. The only time she is seen cheerful and happy is when she ate with Brooke, Aleisha and Courtney at the Imperial War Museum.


She is describe as a thin girl, with long hair and a slightly large nose and mouth. She wore an Agnes B coat, as mentioned by Kwanele when he said she "had style". Frederique's cheeks were always wet and her eyes red because she constantly kept sobbing about the infection. Jack describes her as a very beautiful person when she smiled, like "the clouds had lifted and the sun was beaming bright and warm". Despite being sick, she showed no signs of being infected.



Frederique was the daughter of the French teacher, Monsieur Morel. Her mother's name is not stated. Even though their relationships were not described, it is shown that her parents loved her dearly.



He is the only person to open up to Frederique, despite the fact that Jack is the one who kills her father. Jack seems to understand Frederique and cheers her up to the point where they develop a romantic interest. Unfortunately, this is never established due to the fact that they both died before they could say anything to one another.

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