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"You're not a coward. You're brave. You're really brave. You got me home. You didn't leave me. You're my best friend, Ed."

"And you're my best friend, Jack, you always will be."

- Jack and Ed

"No. How many times do I need to tell you i'm going home?"

- Jack, after being shot by Bam

Jack is one of the main characters in 'The Dead'. He is highly looked up to and is Ed's best friend. Weapons include, cricket bat, sword, and pistol. He is not mentioned in The Enemy.


A fanart of Jack, the iron-plated man with his badass birthmark.


Jack has a hot temper, often caused by his birthmark. He is shown to be very caring about his friends, and patient, as he waits for Frederique to catch her cat, Dior, and is the last one on the bus. He strongly believes in luck, chance, and coincidence, as he explains to Ed about how the people who survive are "just luckier". When he loses his temper, he regrets it greatly after, and apologises, although people do not always think he is sincere. Jack is self-conscious, and also has a serious inferiority complex, caused by being best friends with the most popular boy in Rowhurst,  Ed Carter, and his large birthmark. He can be extremely stubborn, and is very brave, risking his life and killing many 'sickos', as the bus crew call them.


Jack has dark hair. His most distinguishable feature is his large, dark red birthmark which disfigures one side of his face, which he feels slightly insecure about, especially when meeting Brooke, Courtney and Aleisha. It is not mentioned once in the entire book which side the birthmark is on. Jack describes the birthmark as "wine-coloured", while Ed calls it strawberry coloured, and looking "like a splash of blood." It gives him a permanently angry look. Many people, for example Brooke and her friends, mistake it for a scar.

During the DeadEdit

Jack is first seen in a classroom, holding a cricket bat, trying to kill a teacher called Mr Hewitt. His friend Ed is crouching under a table, terrified, infuriating Jack. Eventually Jack persuades Ed to hit Mr Hewitt, as Jack is tired from not sleeping for two nights. However, Ed's hit is weak, and the boys are about get eaten when Mr Hewitt's guts spill open. The pair run out, and are ambushed by teachers but are saved by Harry 'Bam' Bamford and a team of rugby players. Together they make is safely back to the room a group of students have barricaded against the grown-ups. The students then manage to escape Rowhurst, but as they leave Jack and Ed find and save a girl named Fredrique Morel who is their French teacher's daughter. Jack ends up having a crush on her near the end of the book. The students then make their way to the school's church where they find the students who left Rowhurst a while back.

Jack decides to head to London to go to his house along the Mad Matt and his acolytes. Jack, Matt, and the acolytes meet up half an hour later with Ed, half the other students, Greg, and the other kids on the bus. Jack and Greg instantly don't like each other and Jack keeps finding ways to make Greg mad. After Greg turns sick,he and Bam help clear a path to the Imperial War Musuem. When inside, they meet Jordan Hordan, DogNut and the other musuem kids. The next day; Jack, Ed, Bam, Brooke, Aleisha, Courtney, Fredrique, Justin, and DogNut go and look for food. They find a filled Tesco truck and decide to drive it back to the musuem. While heading back, Jack, Ed, and Bam jump off the truck and head towards Jack's house. 

They make their way to the Oval Cricket Grounds where Jack picks up a machine gun from a diseased soldier. They go into the Oval and end up being chased by sickos from inside and outside the stadium. Jack, not knowing how to work his gun, hits two gas tanks and causes an explosion and a massive fire. Bam, who thought he was a sicko, shot Jack after the explosion. The three boys then make it out of the Oval and make their way to a neighborhood where they get attacked by twenty sickos. The boys defeat the sickos, but just after the attack, a diseased Greg kills Bam with a meat cleaver and fatally wounds Jack. He eventually dies from the meat cleaver and several gunshot wounds in his house and is cremated by Ed.

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