Here is a list of the locations in The Enemy series, most prominently the main settlements of kids, as well as some other notable locations. 

Kid's SettlementsEdit

Tower of London -Edit

run by its leader General Hordern, the Tower is situated in the city of London, and so is seperated from central London by the No-Go Zone, where strange things happen. The Tower is run like a military camp and its kids are called either Tower kids or castle kids. 

Buckingham Palace-Edit

Buckingham Palace is situated in the centre of town, and is run by David King, a boy intent on taking over the rest of London. Buckingham Palace is well guarded and protected, and it is due to the efforts made by its kids that the surrounding area is relatively sicko free. Kids from the Palace are known as Palace kids.

Natural History Museum-Edit

The Natural History Museum is run by Justin the nerd, and Brooke. It is located in central London and is quiet safe with little to no sicko activity around it. It is here that kids are experimenting on sickos and trying to cure the disease. Kid's from here are known as Museum kids, though should not be confused with Imperial War Museum kids. 

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