Spoiler alert: some of the text includes events from The Fallen.

Appearance Edit

Robbie is a short boy with spiky hair and a broken nose.

During The Fear Edit

As in The Fear he meets DogNut and his crew for the first time. As they meet Robbie seems to dislike DogNut but ends up liking him (as a friend way). As Robbie and Jackson escort DogNut and his crew (and Brooke) to The Tower of London they are ambushed and Robbie is injured.

During The Fallen Edit

Since The Fear Robbie is injured and can't move his leg. As the Holloway Crew arrive the fight off sickos. As everything is alright, Maeve and Samira operate on his leg they find a bit of cloth and sword.

Later on he talks to Maeve and is starting to like her. He volunteers to go to the country side with her, Ella, and monkey boy. As they leave in the car they find a hotel at night to sleep in.

Death Edit

As they sleep in the hotel sickos get in and eat his head.