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The Collector

The Collector was a character introduced in The Fear. He is described as a great bulk of a man, who grows mould in between his fleshy folds and has gigantic moobs. Apparently, he looks a lot like a woman, although he is evidently male when you look closer. He can mumble the word 'stuff'. The Collector lives in burrowed out mounds underneath apartments in London, which are filled with memorabillia from Star Wars, tvs, old computer, children's bodies and old takeaway cartons. The corridors are tightened by stacks of newspaper.

He goes round collecting toys (children), but is saddened by the fact he has to break them to stop them running away from his house. He eats them when they stop amusing him. Not many weapons can harm him, unless they hit him in the right place. When the gang from The Fear enter his house, they find various centrepieces made from children's bodies. They accidently leave Olivia behind however, and she commits suicide. This later causes Paul to go bezerk. Later, a group of kids set out to kill him. When they find him, they tempt him out into the sun, which weakens him, then Jackson slaughters him. He is left lying dead in the street. He is not heard of again.

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