Plot Edit

Small Sam is playing with a group of unnamed Waitrose survivors when they are attacked by a group of adults led by a big mother in a tracksuit, Sam is stuffed into a sack and taken because he was the smallest. Maxie leads a rescue party including Josh and Callum outside but they discover that they are too late. They argue, Maxie is blames herself as, since Arran is not there to lead them, she should have looked after them more. They return inside defeated.

Deaths Edit

  • None.

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Small Sam.
  • First appearance of Maxie.
  • First appearance of Josh.
  • First appearance of Callum.
  • First appearance of Waitrose (Location).
  • The fact that the assaults kidnap Sam instead of just eating him suggests a higher intelligence usually associated with sickos.