Plot Edit

Arran's group make it to the swimming pool, Freak finds a vending machine floating on the surface of the pool: he goes in to get it. They are ambushed by adults, Deke goes to the aid of Freak and both end up clinging to the vending machine need of rescue by Akkie. Meanwhile, Arran is bitten by an adult that he thinks looks like his mother, Ollie rescues him. Akkie gets Freak and Deke out of the swimming pool but Deke has been stabbed in the lung by a broken piece of glass, he is dragged into the swimming pool and the others, shocked, leave the swimming pool.

Deaths Edit

  • Numerous adults.
  • Deke.

Trivia Edit

  • Final appearance of Deke.
  • Deke's death marks the first death of a survivor.