The Hunted is the 6th book in the series and will be released September 4th 2014.

The Hunted

Publishers summary:

The sickness struck everyone over 16.


First it twisted their minds.

Next, it ravaged their bodies.

Now the sickos roam the streets -

Crazed and Hungry for young flesh.

The others had promised that the countryside would be safer than the city. They were wrong. Now Ella's all-alone except for her silent rescuer, Scarface - and she's not even sure if he's a kid or a grown-up.

Back in London, Ed's determined to find her. But getting out of town's never been more dangerous - because coming in the other direction is every sicko in the country. It's like they're being called towards the capital and nothing is going to stop them...

In the penultimate book in The Enemy series, the survivors' stories cross with chilling consequences.

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